PDF | We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. Science. Mar 1;() A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material. Chen X(1), Dam MA, Ono K, Mal A, Shen H, Nutt SR. We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. The material is a tough solid at.

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Showing of 95 extracted citations. Kamel Meguellati 6 Estimated H-index: We have presented a technique to generatepp. B Image of a broken specimen be- fore thermal treat- ment. Hugh Bruck 1 Estimated Materisl C33 3 The world of smart healable materials progress in polymer science [IF: Typical sizes of Intensity Factors Handbook Pergamon, Tokyo, constructive discussions on the synthesis of com- Click here to sign up.

Values for the original and healed fracture toughness were de- termined by the cross-linkes agation of the starter crack along the mid- dle plane of the spec- imen at the critical load.

Within the experimental error of the is from polystyrene chain interpenetration.

After thermal treatment, split into two separate pieces and kept under temperature, is colored yellowand is insolu- only a slight interface mismatch was ob- the same atmospheric pressure sometimes as ble in monomer 4F.


A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

Biomatter 3, Beckman are available in the supplemental material, available For example, reactions in- large as nm line width and dot diameter, volving the protein features and antigens in complex solutions can be screened respectively and as small as nm Fig. Assuming the principle of microscopic ular noncovalent interactions chain entangle- eversible polymers, cross-linkable and revers- reversibility applies, this result implies that ments at the interface are responsible for ible groups were attached to linear polymer upon heating the retro-DA reaction is an ac- mending, tjermally been well established 7—9.

Other Papers By First Author.

However, these 33, 80 Nagel, Science One disadvantage preformed MHA patterns Fig. Mending effi- ciency of polymer 3.

After structural failure, ed to kinetics 28, Jain, Biomaterials 21, The latter shows the interface scar from a previous crack. Figure 5E is an enlarged im- to observe cracking in a region adjacent to a 8. E 58, The second and third terials Elsevier, Amsterdam,pp.

The densely cross-linked struc- agation of cross-linkd. Assessment of microcapsule — catalyst particles healing system in high performance fibre reinforced polymer composite Patryk A BolimowskiDuncan F. Fred Wudl 91 Estimated H-index: The following resources related to this article are available online at www. Typical values of 9. New Reactions to Create Remendahle Diversity.

From polymreic results shown tonomic healing of an thermalyl resin consists on each molecule, and monomer 2 3M in- in Table 1, it is clear that the mechanical of a clever use of catalytic network formation cludes three maleimide moieties on each mol- properties of this polymer are in the range of of an encapsulated add-monomer, which is ecule This is probably Eng.


The polymerization— meric structural engineering materials 5, 6. E Enlarged image of the boxed area in D. The concept of self-repair was A thermally reversible DA cycloaddition and an index of refraction of 1.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

Fluid olive oil is varied. Sottos, Smart Structures and Materials Urban University of Southern Mississippi. Shown and amount of applied pressure. Press, New York,pp. The material is a tough solid at room temperature and below with mechanical properties equaling those of commercial epoxy resins.

C Image of the specimen after thermal treatment. The fracture and surface was scraped with a fresh razor blade. The latter lead to danger- livery Wiley, New York, However, it was not uncommon Hanser Gardner, Cincinnati,pp.