Blackwater: A Novel [Kerstin Ekman, Joan Tate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On Midsummer’s Eve, , Annie Raft arrives with her. Blackwater is a novel by the Swedish writer Kerstin Ekman. It received the August Prize in and the Nordic Council Literature Prize in It also won . Now it’s time for a classic from an extremely notable author from Sweden: Kerstin Ekman, the Swedish crime novelist and the author of a string.

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Roman — Dag Solstad. Amazing book – intricate, delicate mystery that unfolds over a year period. Yes, there is a crime and it resonates through the book, but there is so much more.

It is well written and thrilling at times, but there are long passages that are not very exciting and seem to have nothing to do with the story. We then return to the present, where the crime is eventually solved. Time after time, Ekman repeats keestin pattern, forcing the reader to re-evaluate conclusions that seemed obvious before another revelation.

I quite liked the way that the majority of actions taken were down to a ekmna of a situation, with even the murders being a kind of mistake! Here is a scene of Annie kdrstin the commune: It also wasn’t a book where the police or one main police officer tried to solve the case. Don’t know how long the boom will last, but just now Lapland feels full of life and hope.


Blackwater (novel) – Wikipedia

Flowers are picked for their fragrance, color,and traditional meaning. Come to think kersgin it, the whole police investigation seems to have been pretty haphazard. Juoksuhaudantie — Kari Hotakainen The accelerated pace in kertin concluding chapters of the book failed to offset the extremely slow pace of the earlier chapters. Published December 15th by Picador first published Purge — Sofi Oksanen The natural wor Oh what a surprise this novel turned out to be.

Most writers have their own literary midwives. The descriptions of the forests lakes and mountains are outstanding.

Thomas Quick, or Sture Bergwall, who has confessed to sixteen murders, claimed he was the murderer even in this case. Instead, the reader is forced to follow three separate stories occurring in real time simultaneously. Does anything EVER happen? The third person viewpoint in each case frees the author to expound unreliable narratives with convincing authority.

And so Ekman–coincidentally one of Sweden’s foremost novelists not only in the genre of crime fiction and an ex-member of the Swedish Academy blaxkwater Letters she resigned in protest over what she deemed to be the society’s underwhelming response to the ‘Rushdie Affair’ —allows her crime to precipitate the action of the novel, without defining it. Sep 23, John rated it liked it. The most interesting character is Johan, who grows up in a destructive family, constantly under threat.

There is only a hint of disquiet when he casually mentions that Barbro didn’t want to celebrate Christmas the year before.

The detailed recounting of people’s lives in a remote part of Sweden – beautiful descriptions of the landscape, intense listings of plants and seasons, all wound around the story of blackwated murder that goes unsolved for 30 years.


Blackwater by Kerstin Ekman

The ideals of the commune are constraining rituals, just as the conventions of regular society. Jeg ville kalde den en krimi.

I found myself skipping passages that were overly descriptive- I had a hard time reading this book though it was very good. Discover new books on Goodreads. The crime is more of a catalyst than a focal point. What most annoyed me was the bits and pieces of information given randomly that eventually lead to kersgin conclusion.


Near a small village and while the rest of the inhabitants kwrstin their festivities, on that evening of the summer solstice, a Dutch woman and an unidentified man are brutally murdered in their tent while camping alongside the Lobber river. Much of the book seems hypnotic, reminding me of some of John Fowles’ writing. Taking with him an eel he rescued from the well, Johan had hitchhiked with an older woman calling skman Ylja across the border to Norway, where the woman briskly relieved him of his virginity, established him as the latest incarnation of the mystical Traveler who was prophesied to arrive with a live animal, and finally drove him away.

Wilful Disregard — Lena Andersson Sweetness — Torgny Lindgren