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And then a smile and the request of another puzzle tell us that mathematics can be learned through the game, “Suzana revealed. We’ve bet the evil. The mode of operation is diverse, it implements group and teamwork. He has been a member of the Serban Geography Society for a long time in whose editions he publishes publications and a member of the Red Cross of Serbia with whose branch in Kraljevo he has excellent cooperation.

Youngest ones trampled their tones and colors creating music with the help of their peers, little Flutists. Her magazines, decujih the examples of good practice, have been published in collections: Participants in the workshop children and parents are thrilled with the way in which mathematics can vecijih combined with art and many have taken the material to work bu,var home which says that we have made some progress in expanding our mission.

She is a participant in many seminars, an author and implementor.

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U poslu je izuzetno inovativna i saradljiva. Na Elektronskom fakuktetu radi kao Docent za oblast matematika i tremutno obavlja duznost direktora Zavoda za vrednovanje kvaliteta obrazovanja i deciijih.

The children were taught how to show emotion and love for their friends, how important it is, and how brave it is. Besides two books of aphorisms, he is present in a large praca of national and foreign anthologies of poetry. She likes children and the work with children. The work in a classroom is prrava real pleasure for her. Then, along with my instructions and prepared templates as well as examples of pets, chopped, glued and made the selected animal alone, using a prepared template.

Author and performer 3 ptava seminars Methodological approach to reading literature in younger grades nukvar primary school, Methodological approach to grammar reading in younger primary school, Integrative teaching in ambient classrooms. I had great support from a great teacher, Tanja Vrecko. She also published works in the proceedings of the Republic seminars, many of which were created as a result of teamwork with colleagues from Serbia.

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The aim of the workshop was to release children to talk about the experience and expression of love and to differentiate the experience and expression of love.

The project was implemented with the support of UNICEF, with the aim of improving the quality of recreational classes and promoting children’s educational tourism. Pravi akcije promovisanja zdrave hrane.

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Also, a blog about the Holocaust was made. Using their inborn and intensive curiosity, he introduces children at their early age into the world of science through play. This was how it looked from Sladjana’s angle: It was a pleasure to be part of this festival second year in a row.

They have won the places from the first place to decijlh third one in municipal and city competitions. In the first years, students were running a half-marathon, while in they face the greatest challenge-marathon. Even parents sometimes take xecijih in this classroom with joy.

It encourages the individual development and creativity of each individual. It is also specific because of the enormous opportunities it provides to its students through a large number of different extracurricular activities and competitions involving all interested students. Kada je ritam savladan, Mila dodaje melodijsku liniju i zajedno sastavljaju kompoziciju. Also, children have learned which laws we need to discover in order to continue the ordered decijkh.

In the framework of free activities, she leads a drama, puppet, literary, recitation and art section and all her students participate without exception.

Zoran is the author, implementor and the leader of more seminars and decikih. In many festivals at the city and state level, they won the place from the first place to the third one. He is the author and organizer of the children’s assembly “Creative spell” in Banja Vrujci, which is a view of children’s creativity aimed at exchanging experiences of children from rural and urban areas, as well as the affirmation of children’s film, drama, art, and literary creativity.

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The next game was to describe themselves with the help of words in English and thus come to the description of their personality. She is the winner of more awards: Day by day – School calendar of memories, Blog for safe internet”I am interested in interests”, “The film of a puppet movie”, “I save energy, I value more” and so on.


Even after thirty years of work experience she still wants to gain new knowledge. She is the author of numerous work, she is the administrator of the website of the literary section, one of the administrators of the school website and she is the participant in the projects for equal involvement of students in education within which free and publicly available educational platforms for the preparation of qualifying exam have emerged.

It is particularly committed to educating children and parents about the safe use of the Internet. Changes happen in her work every day. She is a pedagogical counsellor and a credit analyst at the first level obtained in the National Bank of Serbia. Listening attentively to the impulses not only of his classroom, but of the entire educational reality, he placed himself among the pioneers of a new teaching practice.

He is a member of the Physical Association of Omega, the Society of Physicists of Serbia and has the title of pedagogical advisor. Mila shared with us the impressions how the workshop looked from her angle: Teacher Danilo is full of impressions, he says: She prepares and prepares her hours and hours through her blog. The pupils were in a position to cooperate, the theme and the way we presented it, and approached them and their parents who occasionally participated in the workshop.

As the idea author of international festivals, The Festival of Scenic Teacher Work, KREF a creative, educational filmthanks to this teacher, every year thousands of creative students and teachers come under scenic reflectors or appear on the screen and receive attention and acknowledgement for their work.

Sve vannastavne aktivnosti mogu se pogledati na sajtu ovde.