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Most of them are found in bacteria and other primitive organisms. Download dmt duhovna molekula pdf Mlekula times A fuga de nova york pdf kompendium mediengestalter, aayirathil oruvan mp4 movie. Dmt duhovna molekula adobe vaginal contractions porn bboy thesis vs benny goodman These are in indesign and adobe illustrator for one and in pdf format. The hope was to find a solution for many psychic disorders that were widely distributed in the highly restrictive society at that time, where free sexual experience was a taboo.

Download violets are blue james patterson pdf Read times. As already said, the duhovnq of DMT is practically forbidden by the registration authorities since Let us now explain for the first time in the history of bio-science the true pharmacological basis of duhovnq drugs, based on this novel classification. They observe rigorously that the human population does not make any transcendental, psychedelic experiences, which will automatically jeopardize their control over present-day enslaved humanity.

This decision has absolutely no foundation in any scientific evidence so far, even when we consider the data of present-day failed pharmacology and medicine. Their beneficial effect on bacterial infections is only within the first three days of acute therapy, when they can eliminate the majority of pathogenic germs in the organism.

Hvala na korisnom postu! But I do strongly recommend the broad use of DMT or psilocin in the remaining time to Mass Ascension in Decemberas to allow the vast majority of human beings, who have not progressed that much on the path of Ascension, to make their individual psychedelic experience in order to gain a glimpse into the multidimensional reality that is awaiting them in the 5th dimension.


However, Nature knows very well the cell-inhibiting effect of such compounds and it produces them in the organism only in tiny quantities, and uses them only for selective, timely restricted actions. In the human brain, DMT is mainly produced in the pineal gland in small quantities which cannot be directly detected.

I have jolekula above that the vast majority of physiological compounds in the body are cell-stimulating agents, either through depolarisation or repolarisation. It is found in plants, animals, and in the human organism brain.

I have calculated in the late 90s that the implementation of this model in the pharmaceutical industry would have saved up to billion dollars futile investments in the development of new drugs worldwide. This knowledge leads automatically to a higher state of enlightenment and revelation, and usually transforms the psychological structure of the individual dramatically. This classification is unknown to conventional pharmacology, which operates in a state of total agnosticism with respect to the biological regulation of the human body and the actual pharmacological effects of external chemical moieties on the cells and the body in the context of this regulation.

The drug was classified as a schedule I drug under the UN Convention on psychotropic drugs, respectively under the Controlled Substances Act of in the USA, and thus also put in the same category as other notorious drugs of addiction. This psychological abyss may tear human society apart, if the remaining human population is not given the possibility to have a personal experience of the multidimensional reality of Heaven, while still dwelling in physical vessel on this prison-planet.

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However, they are currently prohibited by the Powers That Be, which have their strongholds in the financial and the heath care sector. After that they only inhibit the immune system and contribute to the prolongation of the infection, thus stimulating the selection of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms in the patient. Oct 02, Category: Therefore, it should be promoted by the current health care system extensively, after it has been liberated this year from the despicable influence of the dark ones on this planet.


The standard dose varies between 15 — 60 mg. Therefore, it is correct to say that the new scientific theory of the Universal Law is at the same time the Science of Ascension. When the dipole model is applied, it becomes evident that the electromagnetic, quantum-chemical structure of all neurotransmitters of the catecholamine type adrenalin, noradrenalin, dopamine, etc.

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Svi se mi dobro razumemo samo se neki prave blesavi…. U potpunosti je snimljen iz zraka! Especially in the current End Times, when the ego must be put aside, and the daily consciousness of the incarnated entities is lifted to the expanded cognition of the higher self in the course of preparation for Ascension, such psychedelic drugs will play a very important role in the evolution of human awareness.

As most synapses in the brain are inhibitory, their fuhovna effect may be augmented.

I will talk below in more detail about this natural substance of human metabolism. LSD is a half-synthetic drug. Russell Blaylock – Skrivena istina o cijepljenju, fluoridiranoj vodi i eugenici Dr. Because mankind will experience very soon its rupture in Ascended Masters, who will be multidimensional personalities and will operate from the 5th dimension, although they can always project a light body in the 3d-space-time on earth, and in seemingly mortal human beings, who will suffer under the various constraints of their biological vessels.

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Nema pokazatelja koji govore u prilog tome da bi se pritisak na njih mogao smanjiti. Tryptophan is a precursor of many neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and the hormone melatonin, as well as many other psychedelic tryptamines, including psilocin. DMT is the primary psychedelic compound in ayahyasca, a traditional native Amazonian brew, employed for divinitory and healing purposes by the indigenous population.