年9月25日 Donna Haraway and A Cyborg Manifesto. Donna Haraway is an internationally recognized feminist theorist and philosopher of science and. The Persistence of Vision: Donna Haraway. “Social reality is lived social relations , our most important political construction, a world-changing. “The God-Trick” I was looking at National Geographic’s website since Haraway mentions the magazine’s th anniversary issue regarding.

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The Reinvention of Nature— PageHighlight Cyan: PageHighlight Yellow: It follows that politics and ethics ground struggles for the contests over what may count as rational knowledge.

Perhaps this point could be captured in another phrase: Struggles over what will count as rational accounts of the world are struggles over how to see. A map of tensions and resonances between the fixed ends of a charged dichotomy better represents the potent politics and epistemologies of embodied, therefore accountable, objectivity.

Feminist embodiment, then, is not about fixed location in a reified body, female or otherwise, but about nodes in fields, inflections in orientations, and responsibility for difference in material-semiotic fields of meaning. Only the god-trick is forbidden. Science becomes the myth not of what escapes human presistence and responsibility in a realm above the fray, but rather of accountability and responsibility for translations and solidarities linking the cacophonous visions and visionary voices that characterize the knowledges of the subjugated.



A splitting of senses, a confusion of voice and sight, rather than clear and distinct ideas, becomes the metaphor for the ground of the rational. The only way to find a larger vision is to be somewhere in particular.

Peraistence science question in feminism is about objectivity as positioned rationality. Such a sense of humour is not comfortable for humanists and others committed to the world as resource.

We just live here and try to strike up non-innocent conversations by means of our prosthetic devices, including our visualization donnz. Difference is theorized biologically as situational, not intrinsic, at every level from gene to foraging pattern, thereby fundamentally changing the biological politics of the body.

Donna Haraway – Wikipedia

This unwieldy term is intended to highlight the object of knowledge as an active, meaning-generating axis of the apparatus of bodily production, without oersistence implying immediate presence of such objects or, what is the same thing, their final or unique detennination of what can count as objective knowledge at a particular historical juncture.


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