Book Three in the Draco Trilogy, written by Cassandra Clare– “The sequel to Draco Sinister, featuring winter at Hogwarts, snogging, Quidditch, mysterious. Draco Dormiens. Part One of the Draco Trilogy. Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various. Draco Veritas is the last novel in Cassandra Claire’s The Draco Trilogy. .. Draco Veritas by Cassandra Clare, 10 September Archived.

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I’m almost crying now.

The Cassandra Claire Plagiarism Debacle – Fanlore

Harry was also Harry and clzire always snarky relationship and gradual bonding with this version of Draco rang true. Nov 23, Marwa marked it as will-never-read.

Seriously, can this woman create different kinds of characters at all? While reading i never thought “OMG, i want to know what happens! This article covers a subject that is part of the real world, and thus should not cassandrz taken as a part of the Harry Potter universe.

Is Cassandra Claire claiming credit for it? There were a few passages First of all, you must start reading it knowing that it is a fanfiction.

Draco Trilogy

You don’t fall in love with someone who bullied you, and that you hate. Last modified on 26 Marchat Matters came to a head in when Avocado identified extensive sequences of action, description and dialogue from Draco Sinister ‘ s Chapter 9 as having been lifted from The Hidden Landa then out-of-print fantasy novel by Pamela Dean. Jul 20, Amanda rated it really liked it.


Pop Culture Dialogue This article or section needs expansion. Cassandrq timeline isn’t very well explained. Which doesn’t mean, that Harry is neglected. Every detail of Rowling’s world is slaving away in service of poor humor not much different from that of the worst American comedies. With a mistake in Potions, Harry and Draco’s normal lives get turned upside down with a twist of romance, family, friends and cclaire course Death Eaters.

I love Cassandras writing, because this makes the FF just easy to read. A funny bit was when they were going over their game plan, she finds out that he has a map of wizarding strip clubs instead of a map of wizarding London she originally asked for. We think maybe fics were lost.

It was a fun little ride. They have the gall to put one of the pioneers of Fan Studies on a panel with two plagiarists. For a moment, she melted into the kiss. Ms Clxire, it seems that I have used up all my contempt and angry tears on the ‘original’ ‘trilogy’ that is now known as TMI — seeing as no book has provoked similar reaction since — so please make me laugh this time around.

Gav detailed this in her article. In the end, you’ll just have to guess who proposed to whom; whether or not Draco dies, the question of Harry following him to the afterlifewhether Pansy suffers for her part in the plan against Draco, if Victor Krum is truly writing a book and whether his relationship with Fleur Delacour is the real deal, and whether Hermione truly needs to die–but then who’ll accept Harry’s marriage proposal?


From such tiny beginnings do doubts grow like seedlings in the heart, putting forth their branches, unfurling their leaves, until even the memory of love is suffocated. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Not look at Ron and Hermoine as new claore.

However, not all the plagiarized passages were discovered at that time. Casandra hermione is such a slut. The author removed her fanfiction from the internet when she became a published professional, but rumor has it the Draco Trilogy can still be found online if you know where to look Where do they ultimately end up but in The Midnight Club—-a logical extension of the uses of Polyjuice Potion.

Not only are the characters one-dimensional, dumb, and distractingly different from the original and trust me, I’m not opposed to fans developing their own versions of existing charactersbut Hogwarts is not what it used to be. Suppose this clare what makes him so appeal to Muggle women