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Em Defesa de Israel | Pdfwhiz org Ebooks :

I thought it was true, which it is and Dershowitz acknowledges it by saying “I am personally opposed to the settlements”.

I heard these 5 arguments so many times about 32 times eachthat I can easily and will sum them up at the end of this review. The real question for everyone is: Is it too much to hope that if enough of us try to outline the truth, another great and callous injustice against the Jews can be prevented, 60 years after Hitler’s holocaust?

For example, I am opposed to the settlements but I would never suggest that Israel enter into a suicide pact. Terrible book that rationalizes or ignores Israel’s egregious behavior. As the title says, this book is unashamedly making the case for Israel.

The author of numerous bestselling books, from Chutzpah to The Best Defense to In Defense of Israel to Reversal of Fortune, Dershowitz has advised and defended many of drfesa most famous legal cases of the past 50 years. If this was a defense of Israel on honest ethnostatist grounds, I’d be inclined to give it a 4.

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Surprisingly, the optimism and the creative solutions are hard to find even in the vast amount of scholarship on the issue. Harvard Law School Professor of Law. Feb 02, Brad keil rated it really liked it.

For ce, in Chapter 2 Dershowitz quotes Benny Morris seeming to say that only “several thousand” Arabs were displaced following land sales to Jews between and I’ll admit he’s biased, but he is less manipulative and less of an opportunist compared to Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Edward Said and other hipster-pandering, “academic” charlatans.


More than 30 authors will speak over the course of 8 days.

The Case for Israel by Alan M. Dershowitz

There has been no addressing e the war crimes committed by Sharon, nor the flagrant violations of UN mandate that have made Israel one of the top three international violators of UN mandate, with the other two being the US and Iraq pre-March May 21, Walter rated it did not like it. Great read for anyone trying to understand the situation in the Middle East and learn more about the plight of Israel.

It is defessa behavior. Dershowitz was the appellate advisor for the defense in the criminal trial of O. What I found most helpful is an appendix where he states what are legitimate disagreements about Israeli policy and what constitutes closet anti-Semitism. The right, which the world granted in through the United Nations, and are now, through the United Nations, academia, the Media, the totalitarian Third world Lobby etc, are now attempting to withdraw. Very few express hope for resolution, and many outwardly advocate for one side to charge to victory.

This is cultural relativism bordering on racism.

The Case for Israel

After reading this, go to youtube and search out the debate between Dershowitz and Chomsky. Bristling with facts often not encountered before – the intimate affinity between WW2 Palestinian chief Mufti Hajj Al Amin and the Nazi high command, the massive differences between UNHCR and UNRWA, the fate of the ,s of Jewish refugees from Arab countries – it’s a pacy, sharp and definitive response to the tidal wave of anti-Zionism which is rapidly mutating into another species of anti-Semitism.

You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Guggenheim Fellowship William O. Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others… 52 copies, 1 review Blasphemy: Coercive Interrogation and the Fifth… 31 copies Taking Liberties: It seems to me that criticism of Israel like criticism of the U. He refutes the slurs, slanders, and misrepresentations that have been leveled at Israel in recent years by its venomous critics. Mar 06, Laura rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It was good to see that Dershowitz did not rely on pro-Israeli sourses to back up his arguments, rather he used neutral, and often pro-Palestinian sorces to ensure that his facts were not tainted by bias.


The strategy of using the words of “fierce critics of Israel” as support for Dershowitz’ own case backfired in some cases. To expect less of Palestinians, regardless of their grievances, is to diminish their humanity.

Nelson Mandela was simply wrong when he described Israel as a ‘white’ nation as contrasted to Iraqwhich he called a ‘black’ nation. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I am fascinated by this idea considering he is in favor of a two-state solution, he acknowledges Israel must evacuate settlements in the West Bank, and the entire book is filled with optimism and a desire for long term dershowktz.

As a trained lawyer, Dershowitz knows that he must isrrael careful with his facts.

Its bestseller status probably should include an asterisk because, as Finkelstein notes, some American Jewish organizations and the Israeli government bought bulk orders of the book to use as part of their efforts to advance Israel’s case. It is an embarrassment that it got published, much less widely distributed.

After reading this book, take a look at Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle for a different point of view.