1) Watch the Overview, 2) Read the Blog · 3) View Webinars · 4) Learn More. As you probably know Arum specialise in debt collections and recoveries systems, one of the systems we have worked with is Experian’s. Putting the customer at the heart of collections management. Unlock the power of data and analytics, helping you and your customers achieve more.

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What is the Tallyman Debt Collections and Recoveries System? – Arum

Out-of-Stat Debt debt-collection compliance-management policiesprocedures operations fdcpa collection-strategy statute-of-limitations collection-laws-and-regulations webinars. The provision for bad debt can be significantly reduced by clearing outstanding debt balances at a faster rate than previously experienced. A TransUnion True Talk.

It will also benefit our clients and any company with an interest in improving its collections processes. The flexibility of the system means that specialist treatments can be applied to accounts, based on specific customer behaviour, while new approaches can be deployed easily to cover new situations.

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Contact Us Do you have a comment or a question about something you’ve read? Tallyman will be become part of the Experian Decision Analytics business to create an innovative and complete collections solution.


May exxperian,5: Increase cash flow while minimising operational costs with Experian’s collection management software.

Experian and the Experian marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc. Tallyman segments customers into highly specific customer-types according to a wide range of variables, to provide greater flexibility in managing customers and to assign accurate collections priority.

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Tallyman is the sophisticated software system that is at the heart of Decision Analytics Collections and Recoveries proposition from Experian. The Tallyman solution is used around the world by organizations and businesses that grant credit to consumers, such as banks, building societies, loan providers, credit card companies and debt collection agencies, as well as organizations that provide consumer credit as part of their business model, such as retailers, utilities and communications companies.

Sign Me Up No Thanks. Tallyman The deployment of software tools into the Collections and Recoveries operation can help an organisation establish a centralised, consistent operation. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. Thank you for contacting Experian regarding our products and services.

ET May 11,5: Do you have a comment or a question about something you’ve read? Compliant Payment Cost Reductions debt-collection compliance-management policiesprocedures payments operations fdcpa collection-technology collection-strategy collection-laws-and-regulations webinars.

Optimizing Batch and Manual Skip Tracing: How can we help you? Best Practices in Right-Party Contacts: Thank you Thank you for contacting Experian regarding our products and services.


Experian, the global information solutions company, has acquired the Tallyman debt collection management software and operations from UK-based Talgentra, a provider of software and services for billing and revenue collection.

Tallyman enables businesses to realise faster and earlier collection of outstanding debt with an agile implementation of the system; a rapid evaluation to quickly identify the most effective collections strategies; and to make use of the flexibility within Tallyman, with easy optimisation of the solution to ensure that the quickest and lowest cost methods are used.

We will reply to your message within 2 business days. Collection Technology Debt Collection.

ANZ NZ Tallyman Migration

The powerful management information module within the solution delivers advanced business intelligence functionality, enabling managers, team leaders and system administrators to monitor the effectiveness of the collections system. Would you like to talk to someone at Experian about this product or service? The deployment of software tools into the Collections and Recoveries operation can help tallymah organisation establish a centralised, consistent operation. Unknown Author — Unknown Author.