This manual is downloaded from the FoxTango site, Yaesu. FRG HF Receiver. Survival Guide. Revision 2 march. If you want to work on your FRG, it is a must to have the manuals and schematics. See: The manuals are very informative and deal. The purpose of this manual is to provide the reader with information critical to the nance of the FRG general coverage communications receiver.

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Generally speaking the appearance is a sign of how careful the previous OM was with it, but most receivers have seen some use, and look like it. Under 2 Mhz the FRG is in my opinion very unsensitive, and if I want to do some Dx-ing in this band, I use my RA receiver, I will try to make my FRG at least as sensitive, it will be the next mod project, and I will update this page, when I have everything figured out.

If the end point of each Mhz range is getting lower at the high side of each band, a re-alignment of the first PLL is necessary, receiver receives not higher than or so on the analog scale If only the end points at the 5, 12, 20 and 29 Mhz bands are too low, a re-alignment of the second PLL is necessary.

The remaining problem was now the counter and the clock. If the receiver is switched off, the display is off, however power to the IC is always on. If step 8 and 9 is done, you have to re-align T09 and T10 for maximum signal.

Yaesu FRG-7700 Instruction Manual

The LM makes the construction very easy, and the output to the rx is adjustable to exact 11 Volts. All mode communications receiver. See pictures from this mod. I checked and adjusted the two PLL circuits, because they were way off the right tuning voltage.

  ISO 3651-1 PDF

After connection of the power supply, the receiver seemed to work: I found out afterwards that this receiver was used on a sea-going yacht, and some spots were corroded from the salt water. There are some things to know about the frequency display: In normal use I have the fine tuning in the midposition, so I can tune either way of the station.

The display stays on when the mode switch is in one of the clock modes and then displays the time even when the power switch is off.

I changed all three diodes for 1N types, because they had a bad oxidation of their leads. See for yourself at www. It has no special bells and whistles, but is frg7700 with the short-wave listener in mind.

I checked the resistance of the movement and even that was almost the same.

PLL Reference oscillator Adjustment: A wire is soldered to the connection of the 10k resistor and the 22nf condenser and is brought out of the VFO, together with the 3 existing wires. You can find now and then a mint receiver on the market.

Eventually you can use bulbs with short wires and solder them to the existing long wires after cutting away the old bulb, using isolation tube or crimping tube to isolate the wires and joints. Other numbers are M1C marchwith memory module and 1E May After modification the receiver is to re-align according the service manual, for the best results. I used parts what I had on manuaal, special the mini chokes, I listed the used ones.

  ISO 15489-1 FREE PDF

Free Service Manuals

I made a truth table of the 6 input pins of the MB, and soon discovered that pin 15 had no true 0 or 1, but had always a voltage of 3. I took the switch out and removed the back plate.

Problems with this IC are almost always man-made, like a short during the change of the light bulb in the VFO, see above or poking around in the set with the power cord attached. To get access, you have to disassemble the front panel and the analog dial.

Frg-770 have no problem with that, if the receiver is electrically sound. Remove the power cord first!! After rebuilding, I will try some modifications, to improve selectivity and test some ideas of my own, like a clarifier, improve sensitivity for the AM bands and others.

The FRG is a half synthesizer, half conventional design, and is nearly identical to the Kenwood R I tested with different car repair sticks, but was not able to find the right shade paint.

You find very much frb-7700 stuff there about ham equipment and a lot of very good descriptions of ham equipment. You see seldom a R with a display failure, because they use a different board layout.


CFS H6, 6 khz Change the band switch to the 12 Mhz band and adjust T for a reading of 7. This is a survival mnaual for the FRG, one of the most versatile receivers from Yaesu.

Set the band switch at the 5 Mhz band and adjust T for a reading of 7.