Ley Orgánica de Prevención, Condiciones y Medio Ambiente de Trabajo. Working Conditions and Working Environment -LOPCYMAT- is to lay down. de Enseñanza Superior Confederación Venezolana de Industriales Consejo Orgánica de Comunicación Ley Orgánica Electoral LOJL LOPCYMAT LOSP. ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel. Will be grateful for any.

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Work shall be performed in adequate working conditions offering the necessary facilities for recreation, rest, consumption of meals, cultural and sport activities, as well as for technical and professional training. The Organic Labour Law defines the following categories of workers: OSH Committees of workplaces,establishments or holdings. Workers have the right to refuse to work in a situation, or remove themselves from a situation which they have a reasonable justification to believe presents an imminent or serious danger to their life or health.

The National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work where there is grave and imminent danger, or a detrimental situation to the safety and health of workers, shall suspend fully or partially the activity, production, operation or tasks of a workplace, until such situation has been solved.

A joint committee on safety and health at work shall be established in every workplace, undertaking or working unit of any public and private entity.

The design, construction, operation, maintenance, amendments and processes in work places shall be conceived, designed and lopcmyat with strict compliance with standards and technical and scientific criteria universally accepted in health, hygiene, ergonomics and safety at work, in order to venezula or control possible risks.

The Ministry responsible for OSH shall: Internal regulations shall determine the number of prevention OSH delegates. Work shall be performed in adequate working conditions offering immediate provision of first-aid to injured workers Art.

Inspectors shall, providing identification, visit workplaces falling under their jurisdiction, at any time during working hours, to verify compliance with labour legislation, and without prior notice to the employer. The Organic Labour Law indicates that its Title IV applies to the labour relations defined therein which include home workersand that aspects not regulated in that Title shall be governed by the rest of provisions contained in the Organic Labour Law, its Regulation and special laws Art.


For that purpose, delegates shall enter in any area thereof and communicate freely during the work day with workers without interrupting the normal development of the productive process. The National Training Institute. In case of occurrence of an accident or occupational disease as a result of violation of legal regulations on health at work, the employer is obliged to pay compensation to the worker or beneficiaries according to the seriousness of the offense and lopchmat The OSH Committee shall be composed by an equal number of representatives of workers and employers.

The lkpcymat, importers and suppliers of machinery, equipment, products and equipment are required to ensure that these are not a source of danger to the worker, when used in the recommended conditions and manner.

ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel

The duties of the prevention OSH delegates include collaboration with the employer and their representatives to improve the prevention and promotion of health and safety at work. In this sense, there will be a a minimum of delegates established according to the following scale: Employers have the power venezeula require workers to use properly and correctly, and maintain in good condition, the personal venzeuela equipment supplied to preserve their safety and health.

A non-dependent worker or self-employed worker is the one who does not depend on any employer. Workers are provided with, at least, a lunch break of one hour and are allowed to leave the work premises during this break if they wish to.

In the event of the death of a worker as a result of serious violations of occupational safety and health regulations, the employer or their representatives, shall be punished with imprisonment from eight 8 up to ten 10 years. Workers have the right to periodic preventive medical examinations and full access to information contained therein, as well as confidentiality of the medical results.

The OSH Service ldy the workplace shall assess and propose measures to control the conditions and working environment that can affect both the physical and mental health of workers in the workplace or the external environment of the workplace and the health of workers’ families.

Manufactures, importers and suppliers of products and chemicals used in the workplace shall provide information indicating the correct way to use the chemical substances by workers, additional preventive measures to be taken, and the hazards associated with both proper and improper use and handling.


Employers shall provide prevention OSH delegates and unions with the facilities and the necesssary OSH training to perform their duties. Employers shall adopt the necessary measures to ensure that workers perform their tasks in safe and healthy working conditions.

The Organic Law on Prevention, Working Conditions and Working Environment does not expressly exclude workers in the agricultural sector. Requirements for record keeping in relation to OSH committees are set out in the legislation. In the case of a warning, a deadline for compliance shall be set out.

As for the legal lolcymat in Venezuela, some items that specify the requirement for the employer to comply with these universal requirements for workplaces are presented.

Delegates on prevention OSH issues, democratically elected according to the law, shall represent the workers at the committee on safety and health at work. In these cases, the work relationship is not suspended and the employer shall continue paying the salary to the employee.

Pregnant workers have the right to maternity leave of 6 weeks before delivery and 20 weeks after, with possibility of extension. Employers shall report to workers and the OSH committee about unsafe psychosocial conditions in the workplace that could cause harm to health.

what is lopcymat

Supervisory units attached to the Labour Inspectorate. These regulations address issues such as work in confined spaces, fire risks, personal protective equipment, maximum temperatures in workplaces, and record, classification, and statistics regarding occupational injuries. This system shall include the record, analysis, interpretation and dissemination, if possible, derived from individual or collective evaluation of the health condition of employees.

In case of non-payment of financial penalties for contraventions of the Labour Code, offenders could endure arrest, for a period from 10 up to 90 days. The activity shall resume when the OSH Committee determines so.

The employer, the contractor or the beneficiary employer, shall ensure the necessary training and publication of information related to the hazardous conditions of work, prior to initiating such work.